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Important Tips To Prevent Bankruptcy


It is quite common today to find a lot of people filing for bankruptcy due to unemployment and hard financial times. Poor planning and unnecessary spending are one of the most common causes that the leads to bankruptcy. It is, therefore, important that you watch your budget and spending to avoid getting in such a situation. Declaring yourself bankrupt can work for you at that time, but it is important also to note that it will affect your credit and future purchases. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting bankrupt.

Tips to avoid getting bankrupt

Reduce the use of credit cardsetdrfgerstdrygjh

Credit cards are quite essential and can help you in a great way if used responsibly. If not, it can plunge you into serious financial difficulties. Avoid opening several credit accounts as it will tempt you to spend on things you do not need. If you really need to use credit cards, keep them to a minimum. Doing so will not only control your spending but also reduce the chance of you getting into serious debts.

Set an emergency fund

No one knows what tomorrow holds for us it is, therefore, good to plan for the future. A lot of financial advisers recommend that you set some cash aside as emergency funds for hard times. Having the extra cash to spend will help you to avoid borrowing and getting into debt and using credit cards since you will be spending money you already saved.

Settle your debts

ycgbhjhezrdxfhNo matter how hard you struggle financially, try as much as possible not to fall behind on paying your bills and debt. Make your debts a priority each time you get extra cash to spend. Different people have different ways to settle debts. Some will settle debts after meeting their other needs, while others will pay up debts first thing when they earn. Ensure that whatever approach you decide to take works for you.

Live with your means

It is important to weigh your financial muscles and know where you fall. Doing so will enable you to evaluate priorities from nonpriorities when making a purchase. Avoid extravagant spending and falling victim of peer pressure of wanting to own something you saw on television or a friend. Do not spend more that what you own. Have a budget that synchronizes with your income and if possible cut on spending and set some aside as savings.…


Factors To Consider When Getting A Mortgage


In today’s society, owning a home is one of the most valuable things one could ever invest in. At times it may not be easy to buy your home using personal savings, but this should not be a limitation. There is always the provision of getting a mortgage plan from any trusted lender to be able to buy your desired house. With this available, there are a number of risks involved, and as a result, one needs to be extra careful before settling on a mortgage plan.

Key factors to consider

Interest rateseshtfhgedxghrfg

When applying for any loan, an area that you should never forget is the interest rates that will be charged and the repayment period allocated. If you are planning to move into your new home immediately, you can always go for the interest only loan. If not so, you may need to evaluate the type of loan you will take. Since interest rates tend to vary over time, a fixed interest rate would be a better option to go for.


A factor that any lender will always be keen on before offering a mortgage to anyone is their income. This often helps them determine the possibility of default of their client. When getting a mortgage, therefore, ensure that you are relying on a steady source of income. It is for this reason that one is not allowed to quit their job or start a new one before applying for a mortgage.

Down payment

With most people running away from the interest-only mortgages, down payment becomes an important aspect to consider. The amount of money you put into a mortgage is also a determinant when it comes to the regular payments you will be subjected to. It is preferable to pay a higher down payment so that you may get a lower loan interest rates.

Credit score

tuy5d6yt6e565r76uYour credit score will always determine whether or not you will get a mortgage and, if by any chance you do, the rates that will be applied. It is for this reason that keeping your credit score in check becomes necessary. If you are planning to purchase a mortgage, make sure that your credit report is up to date. Clear with the bureaus involved and check for any errors in the credit report before submitting it to the lender. Also be sure to clear any underlying debts or unpaid credit cards.…