When a band group or any musician plans a tour, they usually make a budget which will run the whole tour and allocate the finances. The more the programs avoid any extra costs, the better. When the string cheese incident tour dates were released, the organizing manager also confirmed that everything would run smooth as the financing of all the expenses had been done. So, if you are wondering what these expenses are, then this article is for you.

Various costs incurred during a music tour

Venue hire

gfhgfhfghfghgfhgfhgfhFor a music show or gig to happen, there must be a convenient venue both in location and capacity. The coordinating team must anticipate well on the number of fans to show up. This can be done through the number of tickets sold or the previous shows help in the same area. The venue can either be an open ground or an amphitheater. Fans like a venue with security and convenience in accessibility. The cost is usually incurred by the show organizers which includes the main performers.

Transport logistics

For any music show to succeed transport is one of the key consideration. It includes various modes like the air, train, road or even water transport. All these modes require money since most of the vehicles hired. Vans and buses can conveniently do the hotel transfers or the ferrying of music equipment to the venue. Sometimes the performers may need a grand arrival through limos which is costly in the real sense. The tour can save more money if they book air tickets early, hire vehicles from the best dealers or use their vehicles where possible.


dfgdfgdfgdfgdgdgWithout proper marketing, the turnout of the fan could be unbelievably low. Majority buy the tickets once they know about the show and have a glimpse of what to expect. All this requires money to run and consequently get high revenues and profits. Using a digital marketer may be costly, but this is what every show needs if it must succeed its mission. Other costs related to marketing includes processing online tickets, updating social media pages and digital ads.

Personal expenses

Hotel accommodation, food, clothes and other personal expenses add to the budget. They are unavoidable when doing a music tour since people’s lives demands them. However, the users can be limited to the specific amount which is adequate to provide all the basic needs. When planning for this, it is crucial that the organizer’s research for cheaper hotels of the same class they want and also brief the user on the limit of the allowance.